01032020_PetO_MainBlogbannerWith the year coming to an end, what have you planned to change in the new year? New job? Save more money? Book that trip of a lifetime or even join the gym? Moving into a new year many of us have those thoughts of what we could do bigger and better next year.

But have you ever stopped to wonder what New Year’s Resolutions your pet would make if they had the chance? Here’s a few ideas and why they would be thinking of changing…enjoy!


Cut back on Home Renovations

paw-icon Have you ever tried to get foam and feathers off you fur with your mouth! Yuk!

paw-iconI’m NEVER appreciated for all the time, effort & creativity I put into my renovations. I usually start when the humans leave (as I know they love surprises). I do stop for a few snoozes and a snacks – then I’m straight back into it! Renovating is so exhausting!

paw-iconI never get to see or hear how much they love my renovations as they ALWAYS put me straight out in the garden! Mind you I do need a wee after working so hard all day….

paw-iconAfter my renovation days the humans keep talking about my new designs – that must mean they love them right? Then for some reason, I’m not allowed to sleep on their bed. Perhaps they think I need my sleep and rest after such a big day renovating – they are so considerate.




paw-iconAs much as I LOVE napping, I started to wonder why the couch appeared to be getting higher and higher! Then I realised I’d put on a couple of puppy pounds! Time for some extra exercise…

paw-iconOnly one downside of extra walks for me is that I won’t have time for home renovations as I’m exhausted after chasing balls and sniffing bottoms. The humans think this is a good thing for some reason??

paw-iconI’ve heard the humans talking about my weight, then all of a sudden my morning treat stopped! What??? And no more human snacks either – well I suppose I need to start thinking about my beach body for summer..

paw-iconI even heard that vet man talking about my weight – OK I get the message! Beach body here I come!!!



Product 1-4


Stop Itching

paw-iconLast year the humans changed my name to “Stop Itching!” – bit of a weird choice of name….

paw-iconBut come to think about it - everything was itchy! My tummy…back…ears….and have you ever tried scratching an itch in between your toes when you only have your paws! Impossible….

paw-iconOff to the vet we went and talked to that lovely vet man again! He said something about “food” – I’m in! Did someone say food? 

paw-iconMy humans then came home one day with food that didn’t look like my normal food and within a week my name changed from “Stop Itching” back to “Bear” – weird hey. Plus, no more itching!!!

paw-iconIf I do get the odd itch the humans use this “Itchy Scratch spray” – it feels so cool and refreshing!



Product 2-3



paw-iconThe humans have been talking recently about my breath! Apparently, it’s a little whiffy! What does that mean?

paw-iconNow I love giving the humans kisses, especially surprise kisses but just recently the humans don’t love my kisses as much 

paw-iconSo I guess I need to start taking a little more care of my teeth – but how?

paw-iconThe humans were talking about bones and something called “Dental Treats” – did I hear “Treats” – I’m in!

paw-iconI see the humans brushing their teeth – perhaps there’s a toothbrush and paste for dogs? Now there’s an idea!



Product 3-4


Digging Holes

paw-iconOk, so I’ll try and cut back on digging holes – not sure if I can completely give it up!

paw-iconI get a bit bored and my mind and nose wanders when the humans put me in the garden

paw-iconAfter protecting the house, chasing birds and snoozing I’m alerted to a smell underground that I must investigate!

paw-iconI dig and dig and dig and NOTHING! There was nothing there! Then I have all that yukky soil between my toes – yuk! 

paw-iconJust recently when I go back to the same place for some reason the humans have put my own poo in the hole! WHAT???? WHY?? It’s bad enough getting soil between my toes but getting that between my toes - no way!!! Yuk! Guess I’ll stop digging there now!

paw-iconRecently a rope appeared attached to a tree and the humans have put treats in a container attached to the end – I’m going to get them I will I will – hours of fun! 


Unconditional Love

The last part of my New Year Resolutions is to continue giving my humans unconditional love – but you know - that’s a given! I love my humans  

So, when you are thinking about your New Year Resolutions perhaps include your fur baby after all you never know what they are thinking they too could have goals this year….

Happy New Year everyone!