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PetO shop floor was quiet

The staff had all gone home

When from an isle a squeak was heard

Twas Buddy the Christmas Gnome


Kazoo Christmas Plush Gnome

The silence it was broken

As Buddy yelled with cheer

“It’s Christmas everybody…

I love this time of year!”


“The dogs they all come shopping

They bring their owners too

And Santa if we’re lucky

They may pick me or you!”

Kazoo Christmas Plush Tough Santa

The noise was waking toys up

One being a posh dressed Llama

He walked on over to see what’s up

All dressed in his Christmas pyjamas

Prestige Christmas Plush Feelin Festive Pajama Llama Soft Toy

The Penguins were all so excited

And jumped around with glee

“The best thing about a dog picking us

Is that they will get all 3!!”

Prestige Christmas Plush Penguin Mini Toy Set - 3 Pack

Chrismoose then joined the party

From under the Christmas tree

“I hope that I’m the one that’s picked

Coz I know that they’ll love me!”

Prestige Christmas Plush Merry Chrismoose Soft Toy

Santa then went missing

What would happen next?

Is that Santa on a dinosaur?

Yes! It’s Santa-Saurus Rex!

Prestige Christmas Plush Santa-Saurus Rex Soft Toy

By now the store was buzzing

The toys were having a ball

When suddenly a crash was heard

What happened – did someone fall?


They all peaked around the corner

And on the bottom shelf

Were Summer Snowman & Surfing Santa

Helping up Skateboarder Elf